Cyber Surgery and Virtualware complete ASSURE project – Surgical Robot and custom VR Training for Surgeons

cyber surgery robotic surgery assistant

After three years of hard work and collaboration, Cyber Surgery and Virtualware have successfully finished the development of the ASSURE project. The objectives of ASSURE have been to develop a safe and flexible robotic surgical assistant for spine surgeries using intelligent guidance and the support of a virtual reality training environment.

Robotic Surgical Assistant & VR Training Solutions Developed
Through this collaborative project, a flexible and robust human-machine interface for a new surgical robot with real-time intraoperative verification functionalities based on image processing algorithms was created. To properly educate and prepare surgeons in the use of the robotic assistant, the project produced a sophisticated virtual training environment as well.

Collaborative Health Tech Innovation
Cyber Surgery and Virtualware worked together with Vicomtech, Ceit, Virtualware Labs, BioDonostia and BioCruces on the ASSURE project in Donostia – San Sebastián, Spain from 2019 to 2022.

ASSURE has been funded by the Basque Government through the Hazitek call.

Do you want to know how we take spinal surgery to the next level? Please, stay tuned!


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