1. General information

The candidate will be member of the mechanical engineering team in the development of a spine surgery robotic assistant.

2. Description

The surgical instruments are part of the surgical procedure, and it’s one of the few elements that comes in contact with the patient. Consequently, it accounts for many requirements and conditions that it must meet, such as the functionality, the selection of biocompatible materials, the usability, the compatibility with minimally invasive surgeries, etc.

It could be said that the instrumental is a purely mechanical design, but highly dependent on the procedure. Moreover, it is also a brand image, and the quality of this instrumental determines the projection and quality perception of the rest of the product.

Cyber Surgery has currently an instrumental that accomplishes with the functional requirements. That makes it the baseline for new and improved designs. Having the focus in the market launch, the instrumental needs a big leap to compete face-to-face with the competitors’ solutions in terms of mechanical design, brand image, aesthetical design, usability, finishes and durability. It’s equally important to splash the whole instrumental set with a design uniformity, sharing attributes that identify them univocally as a Cyber Surgery product.


3.  Objectives

  • To analyze the current instrumental and procedure.
  • Redesigning current instrumental based on procedure and helped by experience.
  • Prototype manufacturing management.
  • Instrumental assembly.
  • Drafting test protocols, execution of tests and drafting the report.
  • Applying to the whole instrumental set a common group of characteristics, attributes or look.
  • Working within the company’s Quality Assurance policies.


4.   Requirements

  • At least 2 years of experience in surgical instruments design.
  • Alternatively, experience in kinematic mechanisms and usability studies could be considered.
  • Studies or demonstrable knowledge (portfolio) in product design.
  • Expertise in materials, finishing and manufacturing designs.
  • Good knowledge of 2D and 3D design software.
  • Language: fluent Spanish, English (B2 or higher).
  • Working with and within a team, with interdepartmental coordination.


5.   Hiring date

January 2022


6.  Salary

Negotiable according to candidate’s value


7.  Address

Parque Tecnológico Miramón. Paseo Mikeletegi 71, 336.  Donostia.


8.  ¿Why Cyber Surgery?

Cyber ​​Surgery is a spin off of Egile Corporation. We are a group of enthusiastic hard workers that share the same objective of optimizing the robotic surgery.


Our MISSION: Improve the life quality of patients through innovative technological solutions.

Our VISION: To be a benchmark in technological solutions for health.

Our VALUES: Passion, Innovation, Team, Transparency, Customer orientation.


 In Cyber Surgery we pride ourselves of our Team, as well as of the great conditions and benefits for employees.


If you meet the requirements, contact us for more information: careers@cyber-surgery.com